How to register in BIR if you are a mixed-income earner?

If you are a first time mixed income earner, you sure already thought of the possible hassle registering your business will cause you. But give up not


What to consider first:

  1. For Self-employed individuals, you must register in the RDO (Regional District Office) where your home address is located. If you just shifted from being a private employee, check which RDO your current Employer belongs. If you are not sure of your RDO, visit RDO Directory.     Note: Your RDO might not be where you got your TIN (Tax Identification Number)
  2. Prepare a photocopy of your valid Government-issued ID
  3. Bring the original copy of your Certificate of Employment. If you have multiple income sources as Self-Employed, also bring the COE of the other companies.
  4. Buy Ledger, Journal, and Columnar. The cost is less than Php 100 for these three.
  5. 3 copies of BIR Form 0605 (Payment Form) printed and filled-up correctly. Beware of those RDOs with accomplice printing shop. They will point you to the nearest printing shop where you can fill-out online and print in 3 copies for an equivalent cash of Php 50 minimum. Corruption, eh?

What are the steps to get the Certificate of Registration?

Step 1. Check your RDO. If your should-be RDO is not your current RDO, say since you previously worked in Mandaluyong, your RDO is 41, and your home address is in Makati, your should-be RDO should be between 47-50. To change your RDO, get a copy of Form 1905. Submit this to the counter at BIR. Processing might take 1-5 days.

Step 2. Pay for the Registration Fee of Php 500 with the BIR Form 0605 at an accredited Bank.  BIR List of Authorized Agent Banks. Photocopy the validated deposit slip.

Step 3. Submit the following to your RDO. Make sure you have these with you so as to save time:

  • BIR Form 0605 in three copies
  • Validated Deposit Slip (photocopied)
  • BIR Form 1901 (Application for Registration for Self-Employed, Mixed Income Individuals, Estates/Trusts) in 3 copies
  • BIR Form 1906 (Application for Authority to Print Receipts and Invoices) in 3 copies
  • Ledger, Journal, and Columnar (stamped with your details).

Step 4. Once you already have the BIR Form 1906, go to an accredited printing shop to get a clear sample copy of your Receipt. Oftentimes, BIR will suggest where is the nearest printing shop where you can have your receipts and invoices printed. But beware again! as sometimes BIR staff has a share on the printing shop’s sales. Yikes!

Step 5. Back to BIR and present the clear sample copy of your Invoice. They will stamp this

Step 6. Go back to the printing shop and present the stamped copy of receipt for printing. A week or two or maximum of 1 month is needed (depending on how busy the shop is) before you can get your booklets. The cost of the receipts ranges from Php 500-2,000 for 10 booklets. Make sure that you ask for a contact number so as to check the progress of your receipts. It took me more than one month before I got mine. Tagaaalllll!

Step 7. Once you already have your booklets, proceed to BIR and have them stamped (again!)

Step 6. Back to printing shop


That’s it! See how hassle it was, haha! Do not worry, you’ll get through it.. you are just starting on your journey so do not give up!

We still have a series of forms to be submitted quarterly and annually to this BIR office! Haha!

I hope this step-by-step guide will help you to


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