Sun Fit and Well – Your Life Insurance and Health Protection Partner

Let’s say you have gotten yourself a VUL (Variable Life Insurance Policy). This is good. You are protected and at the same time you have investment. When you have this, are you already sure your income is protected? Maybe there is something missing. Something in between now and the future which you must prepare for.

When you get sick, you sacrifice your savings. You are lucky if you have properly allocated for this. But what if not yet? You are not sure when you will get stuck with illness. Hopefully you have added a Critical Illness Benefit in your policy, but what if not?

This is the answer that Sun Life’s Sun Fit and Well offers.

Sun Fit and Well offers a comprehensive life and health protection, giving you and your family comfort and peace of mind in times of distress caused by a serious illness.

What’s with Sun Fit and Well that differs with other offerings?

  • It has Health and wellness coverage
    1. Preemptive wellness benefit
      As a policyholder, you will have access and privileges to various wellness activities to keep you fit.
    2. Comprehensive critical illness benefit
      Enjoy peace of mind knowing that SUN Fit and Well covers you at a young age up until your senior years, providing financial benefits upon diagnosis of any of the 100+ critical conditions across minor and major stages.
    3. Specific cancer booster benefit
      Further ease your financial worries with additional cash benefit equivalent to 50% of the Face Amount upon first diagnosis of any covered advanced-stage cancer.
    4. Rehabilitation Booster
      You will be covered on your follow-up special visits, home recovery, and palliative care.


  • Life insurance protection
    You are covered until you reach 100 years old!


  • Special bonus and dividend earnings
    You will have a share with Sun Life’s company dividends. A special paid-up bonus is also available at the end of your premium paying period.


  • Limited payment period
    Sun Life offers flexible paying plan which varies as to Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, and Annual payment terms. You can pay via installments fully paid in 10, 15, 20 years.
  • Guaranteed Cash Benefits 
    As early as the age of 65, you can get in advance 5% of the Face Value for 8 consecutive years. This can help you have a steady income as you are living your golden age.

The Sun Fit and Well Variants

Depending on your financial capability, Sun Life offers a wide selection of Sun Fit and Well options – Sun Fit and Well, Sun Fit and Well PLUS, and Sun Fit and Well Advantage. What’s the difference among these three? Let’s see below.

Sun Fit and Well

This can be payable in 10, 15, or 20 years. As the basic package, this covers most of the features mentioned above minus the Rehabilitation Booster and Guaranteed Cash Benefits.

Sun Fit and Well Plus

This is also offered in 10, 15, or 20 years payment. In contrast with the Sun Fit and Well variant, this has Guaranteed Cash Benefits.

Sun Fit and Well Advantage

This has all the features mentioned above. This also has the Rehabilitation Booster and Guaranteed Cash Benefits. This is the most expensive among the variants but if you want to maximize all the benefits a health protection and life insurance offers, this is best recommended.


Get covered in a total of 114 Major and Minor Illnesses!

Specific Cancer Booster is applicable to the following:


And now the question is… how much does Sun Fit and Well cost?

Same as with other Sun Life’s products, it depends on these factors: your age, if you are smoker or not, your gender, your target coverage, and whether you plan to pay in 10, 15, or 20 years. Bottom line is, talk to a Financial Advisor for a free financial planning and proposal.

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  • This is really helpful, thanks.

  • Anthony

    For example i have a face amount of Php 1,000,000 for Sun Fit and Well Advantage.

    If i get diagnosed with one of the major critical illnesses, how much will i get? Is it Php 1,000,000?

    After this, will my plan terminate? Or will I still have a death benefit of Php 1,000,000?

    • Hello Anthony! If you get diagnosed with one of the major critical illnesses you will get the 1M LESS Minor critical illness claim (if any) LESS paid guaranteed anticipated endowment (if any) PLUS accumulated guaranteed anticipated endowment (if any) PLUS accumulated special paid-up bonus (if any) PLUS accumulated dividends (if any) LESS any advances or loans with interest (if any). Yes, the plan will terminate after that. The idea is that Sun Life will let you make use of your money as it is needed for your recovery. If you get the Sun Life Advantage plan, aside from the 1M, you will have the Daily Hospital Income Benefit equivalent to 0.125% of the 1M, Post-hospitalization benefit after you get discharged from the hospital, Home Recovery Benefit which is 50% of Hospital Income Benefit x stay in the hospital, Palliative Care Benefit which is 10% of the Original Face Amount after discharged. There are a lot of benefits for Sun Fit and Well that is why we recommend this to our clients. Our HMO can only cover max of 250k for a lot of Companies, getting this Sun Fit and Well is surely a great help and will lessen the financial burden for the family. Hope this helps 🙂

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