Sun FlexiLink – a VUL Product that is for Budget Conscious

I can say that this Sun Life VUL Product is the most flexible among the choices. Imagine, you can select the paying period by using the premium holiday option.

What are the benefits of Sun FlexiLink?

  • Death Benefit. This is the amount your beneficiaries can claim once you’re gone. This is equivalent to Face Amount (guaranteed) plus the Fund Value (not guaranteed since this is the Investment portion) OR x5 of the regular premium paid plus x1.25 of the Excess Premium, if any, less x1.25 of each partial withdrawal


  • Living Benefit. Like the Sun MaxiLink Prime¬†and other VUL products, the Investment portion earns interest depending on which fund the money was invested. The Insured can use this money as retirement fund or to achieve any financial goal.


  • Accident and Disability Protection. If the cause of death is accident, your family can get an additional guaranteed amount. For the disability, if proven to be unable to continue paying the premium during the paying period, Sun Life can waive the remaining unpaid premiums as if they have been paid.


  • Critical Illness Benefit. You can be covered for a certain amount once you are diagnosed with a critical illness.


  • Hospitalization Benefit. In every number of days you are confined in the hospital, there will be n equivalent amount which shall be provided by Sun Life. This can compensate the income lost during those days.


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