Sun Life Maxilink Prime: The Top Insurance Product in the Industry

Do you want a policy that is not only pure life insurance but is also an investment? Then VUL is right for you.

What is VUL?

Variable Universal Life Insurance or commonly called VUL or some would say Varible Unit-Linked Investment is a type of Insurance with Investment component. The guaranteed value a Policyholder can get is the Face Amount or the death coverage while the non-guaranteed portion is the Investment. As so with other investments, this involves risk. But as the popular saying goes “the higher the risk, the higher the potential return.”

Here is a video of Peso Sense to better understand what VUL is:


Sun Life offers a wide variety of VUL products to conform to the particular needs of a Client.

What are Sun Life’s VUL Products? 


Sun Maxilink Prime


I got my very first investment when I was 26 years old and at the time when I feel I can allocate enough money for it. I talked to a financial advisor and she offered me this policy. This I think is the best product that suits me. As a millenial, I wanted my money to grow. I wanted to have the independence to choose where I will invest my money. I wanted to have a short paying period. But at the same time, as a breadwinner of the family,I wanted my income to be protected in case of emergency.

Simply put, Sun Maxilink Prime is an Insurance with a bonus of investment that is payable for 10 years* and covers you until you reach 88 years old.

*The paying period of 10 years is not guaranteed as you might be required to pay additional amount if the Fund Value is not enough to cover the current and future charges. 

What are the Benefits of Sun Maxilink Prime?

Sun MaxiLink Prime solves life’s 2 problems: “What if I die too young?” and “What if I live too long?”

“What if I die too young?”

  • Your family receives a guaranteed amount of 200% of the Face Value of your policy PLUS the Fund Value
  • If the case of death is accident, your family can get an additional guaranteed amount depending on your policy


“What if I live too long?”

  • You can withdraw an amount which you can use for your retirement


How much can I gain from Sun MaxiLink Prime?

The guaranteed amount for the death coverage is already a gain for you. The investment portion of it, as initially stated in this article, is NOT guaranteed as it depends on the performance of the fund where your money was invested.

Here are sample scenarios:


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